Users with additional needs

Access for mobility impaired people

The Study-Room of the Library is accessible by anyone who uses a wheelchair or has other problems with mobility. Α lift for mobility-disabled people is available in the staircase of central building that leads to the entrance of Study-Room. It is suggested that you should use Antoniadou or Derigni entrances to enter the Building.

If any user has difficulty in accessing the shelves, photocopiers or other equipment, please ask for help from staff on the Information and Enquiry Desk at the entrance of Study-Room. Additionally, if you require help or information that could take some time, we ask that some notice is given so that staff can be available when required.

Electronic access for students with sight disabilities

There is the possibility of electronic access to the proposed Greek literature from students of AUEB that face impaired sight problems which cannot be corrected using eye lenses to a degree that would be sufficient for reading and generally students who because of disabilities are unable to read a printed text in a conventional manner or understand the content of a work using their natural senses.

For this purpose, within the framework of the Hellenic Association of Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link), it has been developed a multimodal electronic library called AMELib, accessible to students who face serious sight-problems. To enter the service, user authentication is required.