Description of the collection
The textbook collection includes the core handbooks of the University that are relevant to the academic courses. The textbooks are mostly in the Greek language. This collection is refreshed at the beginning of every academic year with book orders placed on Eudoxus system, so that it corresponds to the titles proposed by the academic staff of each department.

Labeling and availability of the collection
The textbooks are available in enough copies to meet the needs of the Library's users. All copies are labeled on the spine with a yellow dot and belong in three borrowing categories:

  • Use in the Library: the textbooks cannot be borrowed but are used on-site and are are labeled only with a yellow dot.
  • Short-term borrowing: the textbooks are borrowed for three days, without the possibility of renewal and are labeled "Reserved" in yellow.
  • Long-term borrowing: the textbooks are borrowed by more senior students and by students who are not eligible for free textbooks from the Eudoxus system, for one month with the possibility of renewal for another month. These textbooks are labeled "1 month" in yellow.

In the same area, but separate from the textbook collection, is the collection of professors' course notes (in spiral books) for the classes that are taught at the University. They are placed alphabetically by instructor name and cannot be borrowed. They are for on-site use only.

Location of the collection
Study Room, 1st floor

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