Library Rules

The Library and Information Center (ILC) at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is an academic library which functions as an independent and decentralized service on the first floor of the central building in the University. The Library has two entrances. The main entrance leads to the Study Room and the second entrance to the Journals Department and the Center of Documentation of International Organizations. The ILC has 250 places for reading, for on-site study of the collections, for individual study, and for group projects. Is equipped with 22 common-use desktop computers which allow access to the Internet and its electronic sources. There is also wireless Internet conection (Wi-Fi) for all members of the university community, and particularly for those who have an e-mail account at the University (faculty, administrative staff, undergraduate / graduate students, etc.). Both entrances are staffed with librarians who are there to support and guide you with your research and your learning experience during the opening hours.
You can use the AUEB Library and Information Center if you are:
  • A member of the teaching or research staff at AUEB
  • An undergraduate student, a graduate student, or a doctoral candidate at AUEB
  • Administrative staff or an external partner of the University
  • A member of the academic community at another university or technical institution of higher learning in Greece
  • An external user, or, in other words, you are not in any of the above categories but you want to use ILC resources or services for your research needs
An academic identity card is not necessary to enter the Library for on-site use of the collections or the Library's equipment. It is, however, required, that you are a registered and active member of the ILC at AEUB or of another Greek public university or technical institution of higher learning in order to use the borrowing and interlibrary loan services.
Entry to the ILC automatically implies that you accept and conform to the terms and conditions of the internal operating rules of the Library. You should comply with the recommendations of the staff and exhibit careful use of the library space, the materials and the equipment of the Library. Any damage or loss will be paid for by the user who caused it. You can contact the ILC staff for further information.
The books and journals that are used inside of the ILC and belong to its collections, must be placed, after their use, in the carts that are available for that purpose. Staff will then place the material on proper shelves.
When you enter the Study Room, you must lock your personal items in special lockers which are coin-operated (1 Euro). When you leave the Study Room, please do not forget to take your personal items from the locker and the coin which will be returned to you. We inform you that, for security reasons and a little before the Library closes, Library staff will remove all personal items that are locked in the lockers. The staff bears no responsibility for their possible loss. For this reason, we advise you to always empty out the locker that you have used when you leave the Study Room.
Food and beverages are not allowed on the ILC premises. Smoking is not allowed in any area of the Library. Please also turn down the volume of your cell phone when you enter the Library so as to reduce the noise level.
The filming of Library premises, whether for personal or for professional reasons, must always be done in consultation with the library management and with a special permit. It is strictly forbidden to film and photograph persons who are in the Library without their written permission.
For further information, please refer to: