The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is well-known for its research orientation. The activities undertaken by its members in the research field are twofold:

  1. Basic theoretical research, which aims at the production and advancement of scientific and technological knowledge. This type of research is published in international scientific journals, proceedings of scientific congresses etc.
  2. Applied research and consulting, which aims at the resolution of major problems of the economy and society, and of the firms.

The main reasons for the AUEB's good research performance lie on:

  1. Its high academic level scientific personnel with culture in research and quality. The high quality of the research work produced by the AUEB faculty is demonstrated by the large number of publications in eminent international journals.
  2. Efficient organizational structures supportive to research work. AUEB has established a Research Center in 1983, in order to manage and allocate research funds. It also has established one of the best Libraries in the region, as well full IT and telecoms infrastructure to facilitate research
  3. Research Labs. Research activity is basically organized in Research Labs. There are 29 research laboratories currently in operation at AUEB. In addition, a well organized Liaison Office, a European Documentation Center and also an OECD Documentation Center support effectively the research and information needs.
  4. High-level PhD studies. Since 2000, all departments of AUEB provide organized Programs of PhD studies. The total number of PhD students has increased from 20 (in 1990) to about 300 (in 2007). Many PhD graduates of AUEB follow today a successful academic career in Greek and European Universities.
  5. Research funds from national and European sources. AUEB and AUEB's Research Labs receive extensive research grants from the European Commission, the Greek Secretariat of Research, Government Agencies and private organizations. Many professors of AUEB are scientific heads or members in research consortia in national and European research programs. The research groups of AUEB are collaborating with world - renowned Universities and Research Institutes.

Last updated: 17 March 2016