AUEB for its Human Capital



AUEB offers to its employees the possibility of free training/participation in its postgraduate programs or the provision of special reductions to continuously improve their level.


KEDIVIM (Centre for Lifelong Learning) Sponsorships

The main objective of KEDIVIM / AUEB is to match the needs of vocational training and lifelong learning, primarily the Greek economy and society, contributing positively to the labour market, the competitiveness of the economy and the students’ educational level.



Creates a friendly working climate with benefits for sports and other cultural activities: discount coupons for sports items, ferry tickets, festive events for employees and their families, awards for the children of employees for their school performance.



 AUEB complements and modifies its facilities so that they are highly accessible to people with disabilities and contributes to the improvement of the environment.


OPA News

The University’s newspaper presents issues related to business ethics, technological developments, and social responsibility topics to inform and raise awareness in the academic community

Last updated: 17 March 2022